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Do you have a new game but no time or budget to get it out on the market? You've come to the right place! Your business is our business, and we would like to help you unlock the full potential of selling your game. Contact us with details on your baby, and if we love it, we handle the marketing. And yes, this means that you don’t have to spend a dollar upfront.

Our goal is simple:
Get your game noticed!

We have the knowledge backed by years of experience in the games industry and the network to spread the buzz.

Cold Pixel services include:

Social media management and growth strategy
Influencer/streamer marketing

 Trailers, video and audio asset creation

 Copywriting (English)

 PR and Media Outreach (EU+UK)

 Asian release management partnership

 Paid advertising

 Event Strategies and Management (Physical and Digital)

 Press kits, one-pagers and pitch deck design

 Post-launch sales and bundle campaigns

 Storefront management

 Website design and management

Who Should Apply?

We offer our services to game developers that have a new project to promote or an already released game.


We offer a wide range of marketing solutions to reach your games audience. Either with a revenue split where we cover the up front costs or on a monthly or hourly rate that is in line with the size of the studio.

What’s The Process?


Send us a brief description
of your game through our contact form. We'd love to hear from you!


Let us contact you back. If we see the potential in your game, we will send you an marketing investment offer.


By implementing best practices
we will handle all or part of the marketing and sales for your game.

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How Do We Work?

Your goal becomes our goal as we invest in your marketing.

When we decide to collaborate with you, we offer a marketing spend guarantee to start with and the intent to continue investing in marketing activities as long as terms of collaboration apply. In return we’re getting part of the profit from the title sales.

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