The ultimate wingman for the games industry

We are marketers, but we are more than that. We are gamers. We are designers. We are creatives. We understand the work you do and the fans you want to reach. Whether you are a one-person team putting out your passion project, or leading a major studio releasing a AAA game, we know your market inside and out and we are there for you.

Marketing, sales and business strategy, we do it all - so you can focus on doing what you do best, creating the games that entertain and inspire us or products that revolutionize the industry.

We offer flexible collaborations, even when your marketing budget is limited. Reach out to us and if it’s a match - magic can happen!


"Bibbi at Cold Pixel is an excellent performance marketer. She has been handling the paid marketing campaigns for several of the Raw Fury titles like West of Dead and Call of the Sea and she has achieved fantastic results. Bibbi is easy to work with and always follows up her work with detailed reports and analysis and I enjoy working with her a lot. If you get a chance to work with Cold Pixel, I highly recommend it."

Susie McBeth, Brand Manager @ Indie publisher Raw Fury


“Not only do I feel confident in Cold Pixel being our brand voice on our social channels, I appreciate that they have the ears towards the market and give me a heads up and advice in terms of branding and marketing.”

Kristofer Eng @ Elias Software


“Having Cold Pixel taking care of the marketing has been truly amazing for my productivity and also lifted some weights of my shoulders because I’ve been able to focus my time on the production of my game.”


Kevin Andersson @ Indie Dev WhyKev


Game Developers

Do you have a new game you want to get out to the market or an existing game that could have a new life? We can help you with your go-to-market-strategy, branding, social media advertising, community building, PR, you name it. We offer both revenue split deals with us taking care of  the marketing spend and also hourly/monthly services. Our team of experts from the games industry are here to support you!

Games industry

Do you have a company within the games industry which needs to have a solid marketing moving forward? We team up with companies within the industry and help them with day-to-day marketing, PR and events. We solve the problem many companies has trying to using a marketing partner that is not in the game industry and therefore are lacking knowledge in what's important in this industry.

Business Strategy

Being on your own can be hard sometimes. With our expertise in the field we can help you analyze your game and company and give you the business advices that could change the whole deal for you. For example pricing, marketing strategies, release plan, monetization etc. Connect with us!



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