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Client Spotlight: WhyKev

In the newest edition of our Client Spotlight series, we wanted to show some love to Kevin Andersson, better known as the solo developer behind WhyKev, and his newest release Hoplegs.

Starting back in February 2019, as he was taking a break from his main project at the time, Kevin livestreamed his process as he was creating a small prototype. He Tweeted the project and went to bed. The next morning he noticed that the tweet had blown up. Kevin decided to turn that fun prototype into his main project. Thus, Hoplegs was born.

Since the game started during a livestream it felt natural to keep working on the project with an audience. The core of Hoplegs is focused on the unconventional way of controlling your character that's wrapped in a package filled with silliness and creativity. The community that grows every week around the game and the live stream provides fun and silly ideas that eventually make it to the game. Some of the additions he made to please his community include Autosplit for speedrunners, Crowd Control for streamers, and he’s adding a new leg designed by one young fan.

“Having Cold Pixel taking care of the marketing has been truly amazing for my productivity and also lifted some weights of my shoulders because I’ve been able to focus my time on the production of my game.”
Kevin Andersson - Developer, WhyKev

Cold Pixel was assigned to take over media and marketing efforts (with the help of Kevin's charming personality) leading up to launch as well as post-launch support so that Kevin could focus on the important part, developing his game.

Through our network, we had the game shown at events such as BitSummit Gaiden, Tokyo Game Show, Dreamhack, Gamescom and The MIX Next, and through our Public Relations and Media Management team, we provided press releases and access to the game early for the publications. Coupled with ad support and influencer marketing, it all lead us to a successful Steam and Nintendo Switch launch.

As for what's next for WhyKev? Follow Kevin on Twitter and you just might find out.

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