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Indie mystery adventure ‘Orten Was The Case’ put to the test this week!

Orten Was The Case is an indie title we’ve been working on marketing for recently. The game centers around Ziggy, a teenager with amnesia who wakes up in his home in a fictional Stockholm suburb and finds his days repeating over and over in a timeloop, always with a tragic end. The player will need to guide Ziggy through a number of puzzles and mysteries in order to uncover the secrets of his city and save it from destruction.

It’s been especially exciting now to see the first players get their hands on Orten’s closed beta playtest.

Orten comes from the mind of independent developer Oskar Thuresson, whose previous credits include working on Brothers, A Way Out, and It Takes Two (as Lead Animator) during his tenure at Hazelight Studios.

So far, Orten’s playtest has spiked interest in the game, led to a marked increase in social engagement and Steam activity, and helped the game’s Discord grow by over 300% – with lively discussions around the game’s lore, mechanics, and puzzles to boot!

Due to interest in the playtest continuously growing over the past several days, Orten’s closed beta is getting an extension, and will now be open until this Sunday the 20th of November.

Feel free to head on over to the game’s Steam page to request access and give it a try for yourself!

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