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Time to talk TikTok Game Devs!

TikTok has dominated the social media landscape mainstream for the past three years, and the cutting edge of social media for several years before that as well. In other words, the platform is established as the place many audiences are now spending their time.

Much like other platforms of the past, TikTok has followed the trajectory of shifting from a platform with only young users, to a platform where everyone and their grandmother are now scrolling, posting, and spending their time.

Just about every market can benefit from the reach and interactivity of TikTok, and the games industry is no exception. For reference, many independent developers and studios have shown massive spotlights on their previously unknown projects by consistently putting out content on TikTok. To name just a couple, Ana & Tom (@anaopara) is a husband/wife dev duo who have managed to garner over 370,000 followers eagerly keeping up with the development of their “tiny-yet-to-be-named-building-game”, and rory (@am.rory) is a solo developer with nearly 200,000 followers now keeping their eye on his hilarious digital tag game “Spanky!”

In both cases, the accounts have grown through posting consistent short-form content such as updates on their game’s development, gameplay highlights of new features, official (and unofficial) trailers, and humorous spins on TikTok trends that place their games right in the center of a current meme.

But don’t just take our word for it, check out games marketing guru Simon Carless’ latest blog post about TikTok success for game developers:

It’s not a surprise that there’s a market on the platform for indie game content – according to a CNBC article published in late September 2022, TikTok recently announced that they had passed over 1 billion monthly active users on the app. That’s enough of an audience to go around, regardless of industry.

Worth noting: Instagram now has ‘Reels’, while Youtube has ‘Shorts’; both of these are clones of TikTok. This means creating content that works on TikTok instantly gives a developer content readymade for two other platforms that are currently heavily pushed by their parent companies.

But wait! Here comes several other questions! How do I make videos that work on TikTok? How do I make my gameplay footage engaging on a phone screen? What types of videos do I post?! How often??!

Lucky for you (the plucky, ambitious game developer), we’ve got you covered.

Let us know if you need help with TikTok strategy, content creation, or even posting – or all three at once.

TikTok and its spin-offs are the most powerful sources of social media traffic at our fingertips as game makers today, and we’d love to help you make sure that these tools don’t get underutilized, or left out altogether, when it comes to marketing your game.

Get in touch with us any time!

Cold Pixel Team

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