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Spook up your Steam game with Halloween updates

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

It's Halloween, and that means it's time for spooks, candy and, of course, Steam game updates!

Halloween events, and other special events, are a great way for game developers to get their games out there. With new Steam tools available for events and announcements, along with additional visibility for events announcements in the Steam Library, you have some great new ways to communicate with your audience about limited-time Halloween-themed content or activities taking place in your game, even if your game isn't horror-related!

Steam recommends updates come in two forms: New DLC (Or permanent additions to the game) or specially timed in-game events. What works best is up to you, but we have collected some of our favourites as great examples for the season.

Phasmophobia's New Nightmare Update

Kinetic Games' Phasmophibia just got a lot scarier this week as they introduced a new nightmare mode to their game. From first-hand experience, I can tell you that their new difficulty setting describes itself well. This leads to a more dynamic and sometimes chaotic challenge for this 4-player coop ghost hunting experience.

This update includes massive changes to their core game mechanics as well as new ghost types and a new campground map. So even after Halloween comes and goes, players will have something to keep coming back to.

Don't Starve Together's Hallowed Nights Event

Halloween time is a great chance to announce a new in-game activity to give players a special opportunity to earn limited items or experience.

Dont's Starve Together's Hallowed Nights Event is a great example. Klei Entertainment brings back their trick or treating element to their game, allowing players to fill up on candy as well as give them a chance to claim free spooky costumes for a limited time. Also, logging in for the first time during the event allows players to open the "Trick or Treat Chest," which earns them one of 18 costume sets.

The team also used this as an opportunity to introduce more quality of life changes as well as bug fixes.

Secret Neighbor's Paranormal Update

Eerie Guest Studios is back with a special paranormal update to their 2019 co-op horror game Secret Neigbor. Now you and your friends battle work together and avoid Mr. Peterson's new corporeal form, which now includes new abilities such as flight, phasing through walls and disabling any light in his vicinity.

The permanent update includes new abilities, costumes, decorations and new quality of life changes. The update also includes a 75% off sale, giving another reason for fans to pick up the property this week.

Summing up

So those are just a few of our favourites this time of year. In summary, while there are many options you can choose for event updates as a game dev, it's these events that give you more opportunities to re-emerge in your current players base's steam library and community hub, as well as being surfaced the Steam Holloween sale page and special event section.

So get out your calendar and get to work! Now you'll be ready to put out your next major or minor update for the season and attract more fans to your project.

That's it for now! Follow us to keep up to date and learn more tips and tricks for video game marketing.

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