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Your November #PitchYaGame Awards Winners

The #PitchYaGame Awards for 2021 are now officially in the books, and after collating the thousands of amazing submissions in November, organizers have finally chosen their winners.

If you weren't able to check out the live stream as it was happening, we have the list of all our winners so you can check out each individual project yourself.

Prize Winners

🥉 Bronze + $1000: Fisher’s Isle by Obiwahn89

Our first bronze medal award goes to Fisher's Isle for their interesting take on survival sandbox games (In an actual sandbox). The project is still in early development so no release date is scheduled yet, but you can check-in and keep up with solo-developer Obiwahn89 on the game's official Discord.

🥉 Bronze + $1000: Kulebra and the Souls of Limbo by Galla Games

Tied for bronze, we bring you Kulebra and the Souls of Limbo. Solve mysteries and explore a colourful afterlife. There is no planned release date yet, but a free demo is available on steam now.

🥈 Silver + $3000: Demon Spore by DinoBoss

Don't you hate it when your failed lab experiment turns on you and unleashes a constantly evolving enemy? If not, check out silver award winner Demon Spore. This rouge lite is being developed by Ed Kay, an industry veteran with the likes of Bulletstorm and Call of Cthulhu Dark Corners under his belt.

🏆 Gold + $5000: FREERIDE: The Personality Test by Flightyfelon Games

Turning a personality test into an action RPG turned out to be a winning combination for gold medal winners Flighty Fel Games. Use physics-based telekinesis to explore a strange world of spirits and find out who you really are.

It wasn't just the winners that are getting the credit! Our group of finalists has really pushed the envelope in terms of creativity and style.


Metric Smasher: Bits & Bops by Tempo Lab Games

This collection of original rhythm mini-games really captured everyone's attention on social media and had been named the Metric Smasher winner. Developed by Tempo Lab Games, these hand-drawn animations and catchy music will be a sure-fire hit when it comes to PC. Watch for their Kickstarter to launch in Q1, 2022.

Finalist: Love, Ghostie by Janbeh Games

Just because you're a ghost doesn't mean you can't be a helpful one. Become a wholesome ghost matchmaker in Love, Ghostie.

Finalist: The Cost of Recovery by Off The Beaten Track

Touching on a topic rarely seen in videos games, The Cost of Recovery tells an emotional story about dealing with trauma and keeping your family together. Experience the different perspectives and emotional journeys of four protagonists when their worlds are suddenly turned upside-down.

Finalist: You Suck at Parking by Happy Volcano

You Suck at Parking will put your driving skills to the test. Learn mechanics, dodge obstacles and work your way through challenging levels. Looks fun? Try it yourself! The demo is on steam now.

Finalist: The Inspector by Edoardo Ventisette

Explore the human mind thing first-person adventure The Inspector. Explore the minds of patients in a coma and bring them back to life.

Finalist: Lost Twins 2 by Playdew

Guide Abi and Ben on their journey home in this whimsical puzzle adventure game. Inspired by Studio Ghibli founder Hayao Miyazaki, this game's style really speaks for itself.

Creator Pick (Picked by Liam Twose): Deck of Haunts by Mantis Games

Talk about atmosphere! Deck of Haunts looks to be a great game for the spooky season as you play as a haunted house in this deck-building game. Not much is known about the gameplay yet, but stay tuned to Mantis Games on Twitter to keep up to date.

Industry Pick (Picked by Aurora Punks & Cold Pixel): Grim Road by Muki Software

Grim Road was our favourite in the office and really turned some heads. We chose it because it's not afraid to take chances and be different. The unique art style and mechanics really make it stand apart from most games out there and make it look like a blast to play over and over again. Watch for this game sometime in 2022.

Indie Game Lovers’ Pick (Picked by Indie Game Lover): Mix Universe by Chris Zuko

Make sure you turn your sound on for this pitch! Mix Universe from Chris Zuko allows players to create their own node-based mixes in-game to share with each other and play. The game is currently in pre-alpha.

Host Pick (Picked by That Thom Clancy): Royal Division

As Thom Clancy put it on his stream, this is Gundam ArmaA. Co-pilot a mech in the VR war game.

Wrapping up

And that's all she wrote! Once again, we want to thank the amazing indie developers for taking part and really showing the amount of talent and creativity in the indie community today.

Also, we can't forget the team behind it all. So a major shout out to Liam Twose, Indie Game Lover and That Thom Clancy for all of your work and effort. It's been a pleasure being a sponsor of the November 2021 #PitchYaGame Awards.

That's it for now! Follow us to keep up to date and learn more tips and tricks for video game marketing.

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